Legislation on Youth

Legislation on Youth in Portugal from 1974 to 2018 is a database that includes the main laws, directly or indirectly, related to youth, which frame the public policies developed after the Portuguese revolution in 1974 to the current Government.

The information presented does not intended to be exhaustive, nor to replace the description and summaries of the legislation published in “Diário da República”, so it must always be confirmed in its original sources. The research was done in the “Diário da República” electronic platform (https://dre.pt/) with keywords related to youth topics: youth, young people, student, students, adolescent and minor.

The information is presented in chronological order of the constitutional governments, and by thematic areas according to the content of the summary of each legislative act: Agriculture and Fisheries; Associativism; Citizenship; Culture; Sport; Education and Training; Employment and Entrepreneurship; Housing; Justice; Social Protection; Health and Sexuality; Information and Communication Technologies; Tourism and Leisure; and Volunteering.

To access the online database please return to the Portuguese website version HERE