Besides the worlds that they traditionally inhabited in the past, today young people move through a complex web of social worlds. These are articulated in networks and are also, in many instances, traversed by conflicting and inconsistent logics. Within the context of highly differentiated and fragmented social formations, institutions that were once instrumental in shaping the lives of young people, such as their family and school, have seen their traditional roles questioned and now must share their capacity to influence with other structures of sociability. These new youth worlds have emerged and grown in the daily lives of young people, based on shared aesthetic, cultural, religious or political, consumer, leisure, professional or educational values and practices, which are determined by their class, gender, ethnicity and neighbourhood, among many other factors.

The primary goal of these seminars is to discover the worlds inhabited by today’s youth, their personal experiences and the biographical consequences of these everyday places in which they live. If you have research work on the realities of youth that you would like to present and discuss, please contact us ( We also invite everyone to attend these seminars!

Coordination: Maria Manuel Vieira and Vítor Sérgio Ferreira